allyson "allys" eavon briggs · 22 (september 30th, 1992) · kinsey 1 & free · ann arbor native · kellogg's lofts (#207) · part-time veterinary technician @ ann arbor animal hospital + babysitter
born the fifth of eight children, allys has always been able to make herself stand out in a crowd. even as a young child, with three younger siblings constantly throwing tantrums, she has was always able to make her parents notice her - though that did occasionally require some shenanigans of her own. while she can be a little shy when meeting new people, she warms up quickly and after that, there's no stopping her. whether it be because of her goofball personality or unrivaled ability to step in and take care of others, she possesses and innate talent for winning people over.

growing up in a constant bubble of noise and chaos taught her a few life lessons that she still cherishes to this day. the most important, in her opinion, is how to adapt. with so many brothers and sisters, runny noses, flu epidemics, and tantrums, plans were constantly changing - or, at the very least, being altered. things almost never went as planned but it taught her to suck it up and move on with civility rather than whining incessantly about it. in addition, she learned to care for children younger than her rather than constantly looking down on them. the abilities to stand in as a lifeguard, chase after a wayward child, and make vegetables seem yummy are very important parts of her babysitter repertoire to this day.

has been criticized by her parents and older siblings on more than one occasion for her lack of dedication to relationships. coming from such a large family, she has always felt pressured to find "the one" and settle down but refuses to acknowledge that pressure and instead indulges in repeated patterns of fleeting relationships that make her happy in the present. in her early twenties, allys feels no need to miserable while searching for one perfect person that may not even exist when there are plenty of fish in the sea that grab her attention. however, that doesn't stop her parents from continuously reminding her that they met when her mother was eighteen and were married by the time she was twenty.

growing up with a slew of family pets (and even more strays that seemed to "mysteriously" appear in her room), it was no surprise to the briggs family that allys picked a career in the veterinary industry. as a veterinary technician, she gets to endlessly play with new pets with is all she has ever wanted. on the other hand, there are rough days when having to inform a stranger that their beloved pet has cancer or delivering the news that a pet has died under anesthesia that leave her in low spirits. fortunately, she has a chocolate addiction and her own dogs to cuddle to help pull her out of the dumps.

happiest when busy, allys is always bustling around doing... something. whether it be taking the dogs to the park, experimenting in the kitchen, or even just taking a walk around the block, little bursts of activity make her happy. it's rare that she just spends an afternoon on the couch, her feet propped up and a pillow under her head. every so often, this will happen, but more often than not she has plans or is actively looking to make them.

absolutely hates the quiet unless she is feeling deathly ill and is annoyed with every sound on the planet. even while sleeping, she has to have pandora playing quietly or the tv on so that the room isn't entirely silent.

loves movie quotes and routinely tosses them into every day conversation. she has gotten herself into trouble more than once by throwing out a sassy quote and getting an earful when the other person didn't realize that she was joking. and yes, she does quote forrest gump, especially when she eats shrimp.

has a bad habit of doodling on everything, including important paperwork. she blames her mother as katrina used to stuff handwritten notes with little drawings into each and every one of the kids' lunches and still does so if she leaves food with allys after a visit. following the first time she drew on a client's paperwork, she worried that her boss would call her out on it or she'd get an angry man shaking a fist in her face but it soon became her calling card and she has gotten requests for little cheer up notes or scribbles when she leaves the margins blank.

an obsession both started and fueled by her grandparents, allys is an avid collector of both snow globes and marine animal figurines. the figurine obsession began after watching flipper as a child and progressed when the family would take trips to the beach and frequent seaside shops. following the acquisition of her first five figurines, her grandparents began purchasing her at least one every year for her birthday. a family tradition, each child received a small snow globe for as a christmas gift and, over the years, allys began requesting them as souvenirs when friends would travel to new places. there's a special bookshelf in her room that houses her collection and rearranging items is punishable by death.

extremely into diy projects, allys frequently throws together crafts and snacks to sell in order to benefit local animal shelters and advocacy programs. she also handcrafts toys to serve as enrichment tools to keep shelter dogs busy. the last person that referred to these tasks as "pointless" and "a waste of time" got booted from her life. she isn't easily offended but attacking causes that she holds near and dear to her heart is a good way to find yourself on her bad side.
which apartment complex do you live in? i live in kellogg's loft which basically makes me feel like i want to have a 1990s teen movie warehouse party 24/7. i wish i could say that i'm sorry but i'm not. not even a little bit.
when did you move in? i made the decision to conquer this prime piece of real estate almost four years ago now? four years on august 30th, to be precise. it's hard to believe that it really has been that long but i guess time flies when you're having fun. or staying busy. whichever.
where are you originally from? i'm a native brat. born in ann arbor, raised in ann arbor, will probably die in ann arbor (but hopefully with some adventures peppered around before that happens). at least i know some great little underrated restaurants though. my food-dar will rock your world.
why did you move here? i moved in because isa offered to help me escape from the crazy house aka our parents' house. focusing on studying without getting interrupted by yelling every three seconds was a pipe dream among that chaos. don't get me wrong, i like chaos, but getting called out to settle arguments when i was trying to finish a reading assignment made me feel moderately stabby, also so that she could corrupt me with her lifestyle of debauchery and mayhem. obviously.
who do you live with? the worst roommate in the world aka isa briggs, affectionately known as my older sister and favorite world-class pain in the butt. occasionally i want to choke her but mostly i just love her to pieces. she fuels my chocolate addiction so i can't help but stick to her glue. she's resigned herself to the fact that she'll never get rid of me. we're a(n annoyingly) dynamic duo.
what kind of neighbor are you? probably the worst kind. i have a very limited concept of personal boundaries. i'll randomly knock on someone's door just to say hello which i'm sure is annoying to some people. on the other hand, i do delivery cookies and popcorn balls around the holidays so i'm not all bad. i also make a mean jello shot so keep that in mind.
astological + zodiac informationlibrabutterflyivy
personality + enneagramESFJ, type 7 with a 6 wing
pets tbd & tbd

tidbits + drives a 2012 GMC terrain that she swears she'll be making payments on until the day she dies
+ frequent volunteer at the humane society of huron valley
+ has virtually no issues with pda, whether it be holding hands with a friend or using the other half of whatever relationship she's in at the present time as a chair.
+ is the proud owner of two scars: one on her right earlobe from a ripped out earring (courtesy of her little sister who was a toddler at the time) and the other on the bottom of her left big toe from an unfortunate incident with glass when she was a teenager. despite the glass incident, she still would rather go sans footwear and believes that wearing shoes inside the apartment is a sin.
+ has an infinite girl crush on sandra bullock
+ is a fairly unsound sleeper and any blankets tend to end up half on the floor by the time she wakes up. in addition, anyone sleeping in the same bed usually wakes up with bruised shins.
phillip david briggsfather, b. march 2nd, 1956 • lawyer turned judgeallys has always been close with her father and remains a daddy's girl to this day. phil has always the disciplinarian parent but in a very loose way.

katrina lillian briggs (née mcdaniel)mother, b. november 27th, 1958 • teacherallys has always maintained an easy-going relationship with her. while katrina does expect certain things out of her children, she offers constructive criticism rather than fussing.



isabelle "isa" marlene briggssister, b. may 15th, 1988isa is the sibling that allys has always most closely identified with and therefore is the first person she turns to for everything.




mallorie annette briggssister, b. april 19th, 1998though the girls of the briggs family have always had a "we stick together" mentality, allys and mal are polar opposites and tend to bicker rather than have civil conversations.
isa briggsbig sister, other half, anchor, roommate

reshil geronimoone of allys' closest friends, honorary briggs

rocco pereirapart-time employer